Monday, March 9, 2009


Last night, for the first time in 73 days, we had precipitation in Valencia County. This morning it is still raining; a light sprinkle to be sure, but still rain. A quick look at the sky tells me we are going to have a lot more rain today.

Since I am no fan of standing out in the rain and getting soaked, nor am I dumb enough to get my Canon DSLR wet and ruining it, I am just going to stay home and use another photo of the Bosque Farms Community Center. This is the Bosque Farms Rodeo Association's barn which is on the Community Center's grounds. This is the barn the BFRA members use for their livestock and equipment when they are putting on a rodeo.

Not very exciting, is it? But its better than a photo of me (or my wife) standing stupidly in the rain, soaking wet, and ruining a perfectly good camera!

photo by Jasmin Whitman -

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