Tuesday, March 17, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, this event was held under bleak rainy skies and in a cold, wet wind. Very unseasonable weather, but most contestants didn't let it overshadow their pleasure.

#1 - Warming up horses and shaking out the lassos in the main arena. #2 - Note the two young ladies who appear to be Navajos. Navajos are renown for their excellent riding skills and talents. #3 - Calf roping. In this event a calf and two ropers leave the chute at the same time. The object is for one team member (the header) to lasso the calf's head and the other (the heeler) to lasso the calf's hind legs and then bring the calf down, incapacitating it so it can be branded. The team doing this in the fastest time, wins. #4 - The chase narrows; the cowboys are right on top of the calf! #5 - The header throws his lasso and misses. The rope ends up on the ground in front of the near horse. The chase is over and the calf runs for the holding pen and safety.

This was not a good day for calf roping teams; most failed and no time records were broken. However, another event is just down the road a few weeks and they will all be back trying again.


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the buddhess said...

Good to share this event with us. I've not even ridden a horse in my entire life..I'd be holding my breath if I was on this show. :) Thanks for your interest on my blog.

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