Sunday, March 22, 2009


How can you tell that spring has come? Because today is Sunday, the kids are not at school, and for the first time there were several family groups with children and they were all enjoying the facilities of a newly finished park/playground in Los Lunas. In spite of the high winds today the kids all seemed to be having a good time. I did not see, however, anyone enjoying a picnic there, using the several picnic tables scattered about.

The park includes two fenced-in tennis courts, and basketball court that does not appear to be a standard NBA size, but still good enough for a good "pick-up" game. There are also several other jungle-gym type slide- and -bar combinations for the younger set. There are several with innovative designs, and all of them are painted brightly. I predict that when school is out for the year, and summer arrives in full force, this park will be jammed with kids from dawn to dusk.


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