Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A great big welcome to a really small town.!!!!!!

There's an advantage to being a writer; I can call any place anything I want. To steal a idea from Alice In Wonderland, a word can mean anything I want it to mean. You probably never seen Smalltown, much less have heard it's name. The secret is that Smalltown really is a small town; much of it would fit on the floor of your home. It is the creation of the gifted railroad buffs who are members of the Belen Model Railroad club. Hundreds of hours have gone into creating this model train layout; transcending history, here you will find steam engines alongside the latest diesel engines. Right now Smalltown (my name for it, not theirs) can be seen in the Harvey House Museum in Belen. This coming weekend (Saturday, 4 April, and Sunday) the display will be considerably enlarged by additional displays plus vendors from all over the state. It is unique, fascinating and colorful, and a once in lifetime chance to meet some fine railroad buffs and model builders.
All the above photos are by Jasmin Whitman , and copyrighted by her,

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