Monday, March 2, 2009


The Wellness Center, under the direction of Frank L. Otero, is part of the Community Services Department of the Village of Los Lunas, and is quite unlike what you would expect to find in a village the size of Los Lunas. Located in Heritage Park, the Center has many functions as part of its commitment to oversee the general health and well-being of the community. An important function is its outreach to reduce the incidence of alcoholism and underage drinking by establishing programs in the schools aimed at educating youngsters about the dangers of drinking, as well as treatment programs for alcoholics.

The Wellness Center also acts as a monitoring agency for the courts when they are required to wear tracking devices and/or ignition interlock after a conviction. They also offer counseling for a variety of problems that people have, especially problems that adversely affect not just the person, but the whole neighborhood.

Also of interest are recovering drug addicts or those who want to kick the habit. Director Otero's Wellness Center is responsible for identifying social and medical problems in the community and then setting in motion a program designed to solve the problem.

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