Saturday, April 4, 2009


On Tuesday, 31 March, I told you about a fascinating display of a model railroad exhibit. I visited it and enjoyed every minute, but was told that if I came back today, Saturday, I would find more to like. So today, dodging the high winds that seem to have plagued Valencia County for the past week, I went back. The display, which is in the Harvey House Railroad Museum, has been greatly enhanced by the presence of dozens of vendors with everything for sale (new and used) from model train engines and cars to model buildings, cars, people and models of everything you'd find in a real small town. There were even some hot dogs and soft drinks for the public. It was also crowded with visitors, and the children in particular were having a great time. The vendors will probably pack up their wares and go at the end of the weekend, but the basic display itself will remain. It is well worth the going...and the best part is that it is FREE!!

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